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A New “Client”

August 15, 2010

So,  remember my little diddy about my sister Beth

Well, she has “hired” me to help prepare her new nest prior to the arrival of the triplets.  Her house has great bones and lots of space, it’s just a matter of updating the paint colors, ripping down the horrific model-home-like drapes, and making it function for her family.  And although she’d love to paint the trim and remove the wallpaper, we are trying to be realistic about what CAN be done prior to the arrival of A, B & C.

First up, the kitchen/great room.  Here are a few shots of the BEFORE:

Here is our plan of attack:


  • Lighter Paint
  • New rug
  • Updated drapes and hardware
  • New mirror over the mantel (purchased!!)
  • Painted Desk

We are closing in on these rooms, so I will post them soon.

Meanwhile, next up is the living room-cum-playroom (getting rid of that horrible baby poop color and bringing in some art and organization), and the dining room which is going to serve as Triplet Mission Control for the first level…at least for the first year.  Eventually, we will make it the dining room she has always wanted.



(Red striated wallpaper…YIKES).

Stay tuned!

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