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Work Stress, Gas & DecorP*rn.

February 23, 2010

Today was a career first for me…and I hope it was a career LAST.  Without going into details, I just need to say it was a BAD day and I hope that I don’t need to face a situation like this again.

I was going to drink a glass of wine to ease away the stress of the day.  But since Culver’s mistakenly gave us two chocolate shakes, I drank one…and maybe just a sip or two of the second shake (and by sip, I mean 75% of it is gone).

As my lactose intolerance kicks in and I wait for the side-effects, I have now turned to my version of online p*rn…otherwise known as decor blogs/websites.  

Feast your eyes on these:

I could ease away my tension but cooking up some vittles in this kitchen:

I could soak away my troubles in this tub:

I could gaze longingly at the view:


And then I would curl up and read here…


And then pass out, with my distended belly, here..

Good Night.  Here’s to a better tomorrow.

All Images are from Chris Barrett’s LA home on House Beautiful.

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