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Any Excuse to Throw a Party…

February 20, 2010

Unfortunately, I have not only passed on the dry skin gene to my son, but also the ill-fated astigmatism.   Grand Slam now has glasses.  Yep, a 3-year-old with glasses.  

I’m sorry, let me rephrase:  a 3-year-old BOY with glasses.  Imagine, if you will, the fights to wear them and the number of pairs that will get lost or broken.  My mom, who also raised a very young boy with glasses, told me that she once ran over a lost pair with the lawnmower.  Sigh.

So, after the Optician told us to get really excited and make a big deal of the new specs, I decided, HEY – a party!  We invited some of our family members over and they all obliged by wearing their glasses (those with 20/20 vision wore sunglasses).

I got out the old glue gun and created this pair of specs to sit on top of the poorly decorated cake:


And here is the little man, with his spectacles on, admiring his cake.  He was very excited!


So far so good with the specs…keep praying for us.

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  1. February 20, 2010 9:15 am

    Way to go Grand Slam! (And mommy for making it a big event!) I’ve never SEEN you look so adorable!

    My little man has been in them since two and done great, so I know the Slammer will too! The biggest challenge is OTHER kids grabbing, playing w/them, etc. OH, and my son throwing temper tantrums and throwing glasses across the room and/or stepping on them has been a bit of a problem. Not that you’ve asked for advise…but some things that have saved me time and frustration…
    1. Knowing that bi-weekly trips to see “Mr. Brian” (our friendly optician) is just part of the routine.
    2. Have a second pair for back up. Costly yes. But when they get mangled and you can’t get to Mr. Brian in short order it’s so valuable to maintain the routine.
    3. GET THE INSURANCE. For $30 you get complete replacement on frames AND lenses for a year. I waited until the year was almost up and ordered new lenses under the warranty (one because his rx had changes…and two because of all the scratches on the lenses!). And I had to use the frame replacement once. So, totally worth it!
    4. Have Slam’s doctor AND Mr. Brian lecture him on keeping them on his face and not letting other kids play with them after the first major mishap. For some reason, boys tend to listen to authority figures more than mom (at least this mom).
    5. Enjoy the totally adorable look of a little boy with glasses! I was so sad when learned that Ian had to get glasses. Then I realized how endearing it was to see little guys in glasses. There is something that is just so darn cute about it!

    Good luck!

    • February 20, 2010 10:44 am

      …And that’s why I love you, Jen.

      I didn’t know about the bi-weekly trips to Mr. Brian! Why?!

      I did get the insurance per your advise, but didn’t get the back-up pair. I better get on that…

  2. February 20, 2010 11:02 am

    They look like Harry Potter glasses – The ones on the cake not Sam! He looks so cute!


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