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Valentine’s Day Warning: This post may contain violence…

February 13, 2010

The kids had their Valentines’ Day party at school on Friday. 

Martha would have totally kicked my arse for sending Grand Slam to school with this piece of sh*t to corral his valentines. 


I would have explained to her that we got 20.5 feet of snow over the past week and I couldn’t make it to Michael’s for the proper supplies. 

After putting me in a headlock, and sending a swift upper cut to my jaw, she would launch into the fact that SHE has pulp drying in her basement kiln ready at all times to be adorned with her glitterati and homemade candies and what not. (see her craft room to follow…) 



And when I tell her, while wincing in pain, that it was 7:30 PM on a bath night when I handed Slammers the brown paper sack and some stickers, she would kick me sharply in the gut with her black-soled Loutboutins  and insist that I learn how to make a Valentine’s scherenschnitte.  

I know…I hang my head in craft shame. 


via the Canadian Sentinal


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  1. I'm no martha either permalink
    February 14, 2010 12:54 pm

    Oh my the language! However, I feel the same way and this totally made me laugh out loud. I wish I could post a picture (technically challenged) of my son’s BIG E’s Valentine’s day shoe box. Picture this…Friday morning preparing for school, clothes on – check, shoes – check, breakfast – kind of check on our way out the door and here it comes…Mom I need a shoe box to collect my Valentine’s cards in. What? Now? Does it have to be decorated? No he told me, okay go get one. Whew, like having boys they don’t care. 8 hours later, he comes home with a slit cut in his box and a few heart stickers placed on the box. What? I thought you didn’t need to decorate it – oh yeah we did. No this “I’m no martha either” felt like a heel that I sent my son to school with a plain old shoe box. Oh well, maybe next year.

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