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January 17, 2010

I am completely off kilter today.  Not sure if it was the large amounts of Japanese food last night or the 12 cups of coffee this morning, but I can’t get it together.  Sure, there is lots of stuff to be done.  But I can’t seem to be efficient or motivated to do it.    

I tried my hand at my Photography class homework in an effort to showcase my new Goodwill finds: BLECH.  The photos sucked.    

I tried to accessorize with said new Goodwill finds: Damn, I have no talent and would likely never get a job even merchandising the shelves at Wal-Mart.    

I bought some spray paint to make my new Goodwill basket look like this:    

Photo Credit: The Lucky Clover Trading Company


NAH.  The thought of getting the shit together to paint doesn’t thrill me right now.    

What’s up?  Full Moon?  Oh well.  I think I will just grab my Mitchell  Gold + Bob Williams book  again and dream of having the motivation and ability to craft such loveliness such as this:    

Photo Credit: Cottage Living

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