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The Ugly Aftermath

December 29, 2009

Nearly two weeks of non-stop travel and this is what the house looks like.  I can’t believe I am posting these…and more importantly, I can’t believe I actually USED valuable time to 1). stop and take a photo of this and 2).  get on the computer and waste time typing about it.

However, the thought of tackling the suitcases, laundry & various odds and ends in the master bedroom is overwhelming.  I may need a giant glass of wine for that.

Then, the onslaught of toys, old and new, in the playroom…OI VEY.  I would have the kids do it, but they just end up finding more toys to spread throughout the house.

Wish me luck.  Better yet, send me your advice on unpacking and managing laundry!

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  1. beth permalink
    December 30, 2009 2:07 am

    actually i’ve seen the playroom worse…as for your laundry issue i have no comment. i have seen your numerous baskets. i suggest you get rid of the baskets and have the clothes go straight from the dryer to the drawers to avoid baskets overtaking your house.

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